IMG Sport Video Archive is an online digital sport library containing some of the most iconic sporting moments. Once registered, users can search for and view requested clips through a personal collection and download to edit and share with colleagues.

Help contents

  • Registering
  • Logging in
  • Basic search
  • Viewing records & their media
  • Collections


  1. Click the "register" link to take you to the registration page.
  2. Enter your email address and password which you will use to log into IMG Sport Video Archive. We will also send an account verification email to this address.
  3. Enter details into the mandatory fields marked with * and any additional information you wish to add to the other fields.
  4. Click "register".
  5. Once registered a confirmation email containing a link will be sent to your email address, click the link to confirm this email account.
  6. Once your account has been confirmed information will be passed onto a web administrator, this will then be authenticated and you will receive a further confirmation email to notify you that your account has been activated.

Logging in

  1. Click the "login" link from any page on the IMG Sport Video Archive site.
  2. Enter a registered email address and password.
  3. Click "login".
  4. If you forget your password, please click the "Forgotten Password" link and a temporary password will be sent to your registered email address.

Basic search 

A basic search will use the key term entered to search through a number of metadata fields associated to each archived record and return results on a hitlist page.

To perform a basic search;

  1. Enter a search term into the search bar on an IMG Sport Video Archive page.
  2. Press the "search" button.
  3. The results will be returned on a hitlist page.
  4. The number of results displayed on each hitlist page can be altered using the drop down box on the right hand side of the page.
  5. Use the arrows at the top and bottom of the page to browse hitlist pages if more than one page of results is retrieved.

Viewing Clips

Records can be viewed from returned hitlists or by selecting a record contained within a collection.

To view a record;

  1. Retrieve a hitlist using one of the search methods outlined above or enter a collection containing records by clicking on the My Collections link.
  2. Click on the thumbnail or title for the record you wish to view.

When viewing a record you can view the media, view image frames taken from the media and add the record to a collection.

To view media;

  1. Click on the play button in the flash player.
  2. Video or audio can be paused using the pause button in the flash player.
  3. Video or audio can be scrubbed forwards and backwards by clicking and dragging on the time bar.
  4. Use the volume slider in the flash player to adjust volume.
  5. Use the "full screen" button to view the media in full screen.

To view the media frames for a record;

  1. Select the "frames" tab below the main media window.
  2. Select the desired frames interval by clicking on any one of the "15", "10" or "5" second tabs.
  3. Use the "more frames" and "previous frames" arrows to scroll through the pages of frames.
  4. Media can be played back from a specific frame in the main media window by simply clicking on the desired frame.

To add the record being viewed to a collection;

  1. Click the "add to collection" icon to bring up the collections box.
  2. Either create a new collection by entering a title and clicking "create" or select a pre existing collection from the drop down list and click "add".


Collections can be used to create collections of records which are stored together under a given title, these can then be shared publicly for other users to view if you wish. Any number of collections can be created and any number of records can be added to a collection, you can also save individual notes with each collection.

To create a collection;

  1. Retrieve a hitlist containing results you wish to add.
  2. Click "add to collection" underneath the desired record to bring up the collection box or enter a specific record and click the "add to collection" icon.
  3. Either create a new collection by entering a title and clicking "create" or select a pre existing collection from the drop down list and click "add".

Once a collection has been created it can be edited or viewed.

To view a collection;

  1. Click on the "My Collections" link
  2. A list of your collections will be displayed on the left hand side of this page, to view a particular collection click on its title.
  3. All newly created collections will default to "private", this means other users will not be able to search for and view your collection. To change this simply select a collection and click the "make public" icon on the my collections page.
  4. Records can be deleted from collections by clicking the "X" below the record thumbnail.
  5. Video can be viewed by clicking on the media thumbnail or title.
  6. Collections can be deleted by clicking the "delete collection" icon on the my collections page.

Collections can be viewed in either tabular or thumbnail format, thumbnail format will provide a basic title and thumbnail for each record contained in the collection being viewed. Tabular format will provide a thumbnail, title and further metadata information for each record. To change the view select either of the "thumbnail view" or "tabular view" tabs.

Customisable and Secure video hosting for IMG Sport Video Archive is provided by Cambridge Imaging Systems' Imagen Enterprise Video Platform